*Who do I speak to if I have questions about Webex, Google Classroom, Seesaw or student tasks?*

Please contact your child's classroom teacher via email

*When do I need to return the On-site Supervision Request form by if I am an essential worker?*

Essential workers are to return the On-site Supervision Request form every Wednesday prior to the week where their child requires supervision. Late forms will not be accepted and your child will not be able to attend on-site for that week.

*Can I come into the front office right now?*

No families are to enter the school at this point.

*Are you still accepting Enrolments for 2021 Foundation students?*

If you have not yet received this Digital form please email madison.jackson@education.vic.gov.au the following details and you will be supplied with a copy:
- Your Name     - Student Name     - Phone Number     - Email Address 
If you received a Digital copy of the Enrolment form already please email it back once completed to the address above.

*How can I support my child during Remote Learning?*

There are a number of ways that you can help to support your child during remote learning. Some helpful tips are below:
- Maintain/set a routine
- Set clear expectations
- Make sure your child has a distraction free space to work
- Monitor communications from teachers
- Provide them with Brain Breaks
- Check in constantly to ensure that they are managing their work