What is School Council?

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools.
Parkwood Green Primary School Council consists of a of group of people who govern the school. School councillors are elected for a two-year term.

There are three (3) categories for school council membership:
• Parent members
• DET (Department of Education and Training) employee members
• Community members (optional)

School council develops, reviews and updates school policies, organises fundraising events for school-related projects, oversee's maintenance to buildings and grounds,
monitors and approves annual expenditure, participates in the development and monitoring of the School Strategic Plan, and provides an Annual Report to the community and DET.

Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. Acting as a team, school council supports the Principal to enhance the educational opportunites for students.  

School Council Sub-Committee

Parkwood Green currently has four sub-committees that report regularly to school council, providing advice and recommendations that inform council decisions.
The four sub-committees are Finance, Education, Building and Grounds and Fundraising. Sub-committees must be made up of at least three members with at least one being a member of council. 
All councillors are expected to sit on at least one sub-committee. We encourage parent involvement at Parkwood Green and welcome anyone from the school community to join our sub-committees.

2020 School Council Members

Our 2020 School Council Comprises of the following members: Jocelyn Brabin, Lesley Anderson, Brian Jacobs, Jo-Anne Rihs, Stewart Ridsdale,
Vidya Srividhya Subramanian, Tracey Ridsdale, Natalie Edwards, Julie Andrews, David Allibon and Keir Jasper

President – Jocelyn Brabin
• Chairperson for school council meetings
• Along with the Principal, acts as a spokesperson for the school
• Signatory to contracts, the School Strategic Plan and financial accounts
• Endorses the Annual Implementation Plan, Annual Report and School Strategic Plan

Vice-president – Lesley Anderson
• In the absence of the President, act as Chairperson at council meetings
• Provides assistance to President as required

Treasurer – Brian Jacobs
Presents a monthly statement to School Council of the financial position
• Assists the Principal and Business Manager to develop budget recommendations

More School Council Information

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