Vision & Values


Our values guide the decisions and behaviours of all members of our school community:
We have respect for ourselves and others.
We show empathy, by understanding, acceptingand appreciating ourselves and others.
We encourage responsibility by taking ownership of our actions and words.
We build resilience by encouraging and supporting.


We demonstrate respect by:
- Encouraging a professional and positive environment
- Holding each other in high regard
- Accepting and valuing ourselves and others and demonstrating this in our behaviour
- Holding each other to account
- Respecting others’ opinions, regardless of differences
- Welcoming students, staff, families and friends
- Fostering acceptance of others
- Promoting a sense of belonging and sharing in our school
- Celebrating cultural diversity
- Taking an active role in caring for our school


We show empathy by:
- Being caring and compassionate to others and to ourselves
- Encouraging sharing, tolerance and compassion
- Listening with genuine interest and concern
- Speaking with an authentic voice
- Valuing the contribution of others
- Withholding judgement
- Understanding the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others
- Creating environments of trust and mutual understanding
- Ensuring everyone feels physically safe and emotionally secure
- Encouraging collaboration in the classroom, across the school and between families and teachers


We develop responsibility by:
- Demonstrating a positive relationship to learning
- Encouraging responsible and engaged learners
- Encouraging independence
- Having high expectations of ourselves and others
- Providing opportunities for all students
- Encouraging all in the community to take ownership of their behaviour and be accountable for our own actions
- Caring for our classroom and our resources
- Encouraging a happy and safe playground for all
- Encouraging care of the school environment
- Encouraging a positive attitude towards protecting our local and global environment


We build resilience by:
- Promoting a sense of pride and belonging
- Developing self-esteem and confidence
- Strengthening a sense of meaning and purpose
- Demonstrating positive decision making
- Being a community that shows positive and effective ways to cope
- Providing a caring and supportive environment, where getting things wrong is acceptable
- Taking an active part in promoting a supportive culture
- Building, strengthening and promoting supportive relationships
- Creating opportunities to challenge ourselves and thoughtfully responding to challenge
- Working to express and manage all emotions


To create a learning community that empowers and supports each student to grow and achieve their own personal best.
Every day we are inspired to develop life-long learners, who make positive contributions to their community.