Extracurricular Activities

Darley Music

Darley Music run an instrumental music program at Parkwood Green Primary School offering lessons for Guitar, Drums, Singing & Piano. Darley Music has been operating music lessons at the studio since 2007 and programs in Primary Schools since 2011. Lessons are run for 30 minutes, once per week during the school day. Students are allowed to participate in more than one instrument. We provide all equipment for use in lessons with options to hire instruments as well. Darley Music have an end of year concert, held at Parkwood Green. This will give your child an opportunity to showcase what they have been learning in lessons at school.
If you would like more information then please download the Enrolment Form from http://parkwoodgreenps.vic.edu.au/assets/files/d2549dee8d/Darley-Music-Enrolment-Form-PWGPS-v2.pdf or call on 0421 200 694.

Dance Avenue

The Dance Avenue Program offers the opportunity for students from all year levels to participate in a dance program at the school during lunch times. The program has received wonderful feedback from the students, teachers and parents involved over the years all across Melbourne. The increase in student’s confidence and the witnessing of new friendships developing is what drives the team at Dance Avenue to continue their passion. A certified fitness instructor and lifelong dancer, Jayde Egan set about creating dance/fitness lessons designed to fill the children with the confidence and happiness that dance is able to inspire. Students are not required to purchase dance wear, they simply show up in their uniform and have a great time with their dancing friends!
If you are interested in enrolling your child into the Dance Avenue Program, please contact Jayde from Dance Avenue on 0422 089 964.