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Parkwood Green Primary School

Our school believes in a learning culture which:
• Establishes positive relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.
• Provides a stimulating student centred environment.
• Plans experiences and activities that build upon student backgrounds, interests and achievements.
• Develops learning objectives which are negotiated and clearly communicated. Responds to student needs.
• Encourages students to be an active participant in their learning.
• Encourages student voice and agency.
• Is flexible to meet the needs of our students.
• Recognises and celebrates achievement.
• Makes learning fun and enjoyable. Encourages risk, innovation and creativity.

Parkwood Green Primary School focuses on the different learning needs of students, by supporting and inspiring every student in an age appropriate way. We believe in providing students with authentic, enjoyable and enriching learning experiences that allow them to reach their potential. Our learning culture inspires us to equip our students with skills and abilities to achieve socially, academically and emotionally in today’s changing world.








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