School Leaders

School Captains

Our School Captains for 2021 are Isaac C, Mehar B, Sabella L & Rachel R. The School Captains are our main leaders of the school and are responsible for a number of roles including:
- Running Whole School assemblies
- Running some whole school events
- Attend SRC meetings
- Raising the flag

Science Leaders

Our Science Leaders for 2021 are Zach B, Lakithi R, Jacob S & Taniya D.
Our Science Leaders are responsible for assisting with setting up our anual Science Expo and setting up science experiments for the Science Teacher throughout the year.

Visual Arts Leaders

Our Visual Arts Leaders for 2021 are Tanya K & Aykam B.
Visual Arts Leaders help with setting up displays, cleaning around the school and also contribute to organising and setting up of our annual Art Show!

Wellbeing Leaders

Our Wellbeing Leaders for 2021 are Kaylah P & Camryn T.
Our Wellbeing Leaders are responsible for a number of wellbeing related tasks which inclue, but are not limited to:
- Assisting with the planning and implementation of the Peer Mediation Program
- Assisting the Wellbeing team with related events and days (R U OK? Day, National Wellbeing Days, ES days, teachers day)
- Plan and overlook the weekly schedule of Peer Mediators
- Debrief with Peer Mediators if any issues arise together with the Wellbeing Staff Member
- Making the Peer Mediators accountable to their role and responsibilities

Library Leaders

Our Library Leaders for 2021 are Ethan W, Crystal D & Sahajleen K.
Library Leaders help with returning books, helping students to find books, assist with the Premier's Reading Challenge and they also help with the organisation and running of our annual Book Fair.

ICT Leaders

Our ICT Leaders for 2021 are Lucian B & Leon C.
ICT Leaders are responsible for:
- Assisting with ICT in the classroom
- Helping other students with Applications on the Ipad
- Assisting with the Audio Visual equipment for assemblies

Interschool Sports Leaders

Our Interschool Sports Leaders for 2021 are Luca T, Olivia B, Lucas C, Oneeta S & Grace H.
These students are responsible for:
- Assiting the house captains with the running of Athletics Days and Cross Country
- Assisting with the organisation of interschool sports
- Set up sports equipment for interschool sports days
- Packing up the sports equipment upon completion of interschool sports days

Recycling Captains

Our Recycling Leaders for 2021 are Olivia N & Tyler W.
Our Recycling Leaders go around the school on a regular basis to collect recyclable items and take them out to the main recycling bins to prepare them for being emptied by the recycling truck.

Performing Arts Leaders

Our Performing Arts Leaders for 2021 are Chelsea H & Abby W.
Our Performing Arts Leaders assist with any school productions and dance classes run at the school. They are also responsible for preparing small scripts to say at assemblies.

House Captains

Our House Captains are:
Green: Yasmine I, Ellie T, Marcus S & Karthik B.
Blue: Rami S, David L, Arianisa M & Mikaela K.
Red: Elijah B, Cruz T, Fatima M & Selina K.
Yellow: Bethel O, Jett C, Alyssa B & Gisele A.

All of our House Captains are responsible for opening the sports equipment shed at recess, helping the Junior school with PMP, running Cross Country and athletics days for younger year levels and sometimes use their lunch times to run programs for the Junior School.